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Volunteering Adds Value to Your Career

25 Nov

I recently added this discussion to a group on LinkedIn responding to an article from CAREEREALISM:

Which Generation is Losing the Career Fight? (It’s Not Who You Think)

For anyone about to graduate (even within the next few years), you may identify with the Gen Y individual at the beginning of the story. I encourage you to read this article and read through the comments. While you may feel disheartened after reading about the bleak situation the article highlights, focus on the importance of shifting career goals (as evidenced by one of the comments).

What I have learned talking to employers and reading up on the job search process is that volunteering is a crucial part of the job search. It can be very frustrating to hear from employers “just volunteer, get more experience,” but it is important to continue to volunteer regardless of whether you are satisfied with your current job or not, or even if you are unemployed. Some employers are willing to create contracts for volunteers if they like what they see, so don’t shy away from volunteering for an employer of choice either just because they aren’t currently hiring. Now more than ever, employers will appreciate the skills you have to offer in a volunteer capacity because Canadians are currently giving less, so employers are at an increased need of skilled volunteers. Most importantly, giving back to your community as a volunteer is the most rewarding component of your growth as a professional.


Volunteerism is at the Heart of Healthy Communities

25 Nov

My philosophy is that volunteerism fosters healthy communities. Volunteers give to and grow within the communities they serve and are at the heart of service delivery. I have seen so myself as a professional immersed in the world of volunteerism through many roles, including volunteer coordinator, researcher, and most importantly, a volunteer. I hope to share my knowledge of the reciprocal benefits of volunteerism to keep communities and individuals enthusiastic about volunteering.