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They Cracked It! Youth Who Track “Awareness-Raised” with Culturally Relevant Social Media Campaigns!

29 Jan

I wanted to share this example of a by-youth-for-youth organization online that uses the vampire phenomenon to raise funds and awareness for the environment. They have already raised over $16,000 for Gulf Relief and have garnered celebrity support. Check out my guest blog on about their work and look out for my comments on how they’re tracking awareness raised. What are your thoughts?

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Changing the Face of Youth Leadership in 2011: Vampire Support

What do you get when you combine environmentally conscientious vampire craze fans with innovative grassroots web campaigns that support a partner organization founded by a celebrity role model? Vampire Support, a promising youth-led organization for 2011 with a mission to “raise awareness about causes by using the vampire phenomenon to start projects and encourage the world’s youth to speak up for what they believe in.”
Its founders Chloe Dawn and Amber Davis have led several campaigns already to support the launch of the Ian Somerhalder Foundation and help with Gulf of Mexico relief through theNational Wildlife Federation. Their new campaign requires youth to demonstrate their awareness of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico to compete in a raffle for a basket of Twilight prizes. All proceeds will support the Ian Somerhalder Foundation. What better way to engage youth in taking action than by raising money for an organization supporting innovative partnership projects resulting in real outcomes for the environment.

What really give this campaign impact are not only the long-term environmental outcomes that will result thanks to funds raised for the IanSomerhalder Foundation, but also the results it will have for participants as well. The contest ballots will represent tangible evidence of participants’ “awareness raised” about the oil spill in the Gulf and the prize is truly enticing due to its pop culture relevance.
Want to participate in the contest but need to brush up on your knowledge of the oil spill first? Visit the official website of the Ian Somerhalder Foundation to do your research. Be sure to enter Vampire Support’s contest before January 22nd.
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My New Favourite Youth Action Ideas: Part 2

7 Jan

I took the discussion about youth engagement to the Volunteer Match LinkedIn Group in December and asked:

What are some examples out there of youth coming together around a common personal/social interest to support a common humanitarian interest?

The response was incredible, and I would like to continue the discussion about my favourite youth action ideas in part 2 of this blog.

1)      Party With a Purpose: This form of engagement is for older youth, in the 20+ crowd. A sample project is discussed here. It is a great way for older youth to raise funds and awareness for a cause that they care about with their friends.

2)       Showcasing to Youth Leadership: One of the best ways an organization can demonstrate their commitment to youth leadership is by designating an official website of the organization to the activities, resources and opportunities delivered by and available to their youth. Plenty of examples can be found on

3)       Social Interest Clubs – Know of a social interest club at a high school or post secondary institution with a high volume of engaged youth attracted to the club’s activities? Encourage them to host a fundraiser or campaign for a cause you think might be important to them where activities supporting both the social and humanitarian interest can be the theme. This encourages innovation and creativity in youth groups and helps them hold stock in their interests and skills while affecting real change in their communities.