My New Favourite Youth Action Ideas: Part 2

7 Jan

I took the discussion about youth engagement to the Volunteer Match LinkedIn Group in December and asked:

What are some examples out there of youth coming together around a common personal/social interest to support a common humanitarian interest?

The response was incredible, and I would like to continue the discussion about my favourite youth action ideas in part 2 of this blog.

1)      Party With a Purpose: This form of engagement is for older youth, in the 20+ crowd. A sample project is discussed here. It is a great way for older youth to raise funds and awareness for a cause that they care about with their friends.

2)       Showcasing to Youth Leadership: One of the best ways an organization can demonstrate their commitment to youth leadership is by designating an official website of the organization to the activities, resources and opportunities delivered by and available to their youth. Plenty of examples can be found on

3)       Social Interest Clubs – Know of a social interest club at a high school or post secondary institution with a high volume of engaged youth attracted to the club’s activities? Encourage them to host a fundraiser or campaign for a cause you think might be important to them where activities supporting both the social and humanitarian interest can be the theme. This encourages innovation and creativity in youth groups and helps them hold stock in their interests and skills while affecting real change in their communities.


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